Certificate presentation at Bournville college Awards & Presentations

Dan Grade Certificate Presentations For December 2022 Gradings

During the course of January we were able to present those who passed their black belt gradings in December their framed certificates and Nakmas qualified black belt register official registration cards plus a few students who were unable to pick up their Kyu grading certificates on the day. Congratulations again to Natalia Bak 2nd Dan, Martha Newman 1st Dan and Phoebe Hadley 1st Dan.

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June 2022 Gradings Awards & Presentations

Kyu and Dan Gradings: June 2022

After the bumper turnout for the March gradings the June 2022 gradings were split over two weekends at our Bournville College dojo. This allowed the gradings to proceed at a far less hectic pace than the previous gradings which was far less stressful for those grading and the examiners. The first gradings were held on Saturday 11th June for beginners to red belts. The gradings went well with our students having diligently studied for the gradings over the previous months showing a good standard throughout.

The second weekend of gradings were on Saturday 18th June 2022 and covered the remaining Kyu grades and Dan gradings. This grading day started off with a presentation of Dan grade certificates for those who had passed their gradings in March and had a special presentation by Sensei Richard Amuzu of a black belt for Sensei Hession for her promotion to Godan (5th Dan) on behalf of the club. After the presentations the Kyu gradings began and again Sensei Sue and I were pleased with the standard shown by all. Finally there was a second dan grading for Natalia Bak who we are pleased to announce passed her Nidan grading.

  • Natalia 2nd Dan Grading Group Photo
  • Natalia 2nd Dan Grading
  • Saturday 18th June 2022 - Kyu Grades
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  • 9C2AC64A-8BFD-4ED6-AE2B-9E530A3820E4
  • 19EC0A38-E592-4667-8CCD-D6E24A81D122
  • 22C84FF9-9A4D-4D6B-8EF2-58DC319EB31A
  • 28BB7A17-DB39-414B-B693-821872D3F2D3
  • 32FDE88E-7018-4ACD-8D7F-F92EF5D7244B
  • 33F1F45B-ECCD-4887-8C0D-51DBA6D0D680
  • 44F0B4B8-677C-4837-9DF0-2EFB111CF410
  • 47DDAD0F-9145-438F-9113-327139451EF0
  • 49F5A4D3-7883-4119-B37A-31C0FBC7F03F
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  • 75EF9E0B-E9E6-4ACC-AD9E-C10963DDE509
  • 86F41691-6EB8-42EB-9DD8-BE6CDA2652FB
  • 90C4EE10-DE46-4A73-93C9-9F606D51B424
  • 201B59AE-C442-449A-A107-DC63DDE645F8
  • 376AD3F5-FA30-4872-A4B2-907D04E4EE9F
  • 391F8DED-6746-41A4-A190-9161C1BC966B
  • 984C2368-1CC8-487E-8FF4-626A10F58D7A
  • 3520ED36-1544-40D7-99EE-C5A0774D0F6A
  • 3770C1DF-5EA0-4D26-96D4-40CD411A66EE
  • 5326D8F3-F69E-4105-B22B-096B9735A070
  • 10736FA6-D949-4293-B87D-5438248AD006
  • 46086F82-7974-4A52-BD30-8417309140E9
  • 51150F44-5CD0-4D8B-87D0-8CA16EE275C3
  • 77630D73-6BEE-453F-8CB5-F057280CC474
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  • Godan Belt Presentation
Awards & Presentations

Dan Grade Certificate Presentation for the June 2019 Gradings

On Saturday 10th August 2019, the last session before the summer recess we held the certificate presentation for those who passed their dan gradings  in June. Angela Notice , who passed her Shodan examination, Hanna B. who passed her Sandan examination and Sensei Jeffett Jenkins of Walk Right Karate Kai who passed her Sandan received their NAKMAS certificates and cards. Angela Notice received a special presentation of one of the late Shihan Cummins’ trophies presented by Sensei Dorien Cummins having originally trained with Shihan Cummins for a number of years in the past before  returning to training and finally achieving her black belt.

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  • P1090963


Awards & Presentations

Kyu Gradings and End of Year Awards December 2018

We had the final kyu gradings of the year at the Longbridge dojo on Wednesday 19th December 2018. These were conducted by Sensei Sue Hession and attended by Sensei Dorien Cummins with Sensei Richard Amuzu joining whilst recovering from an eye operation and a special appearance by Sensei Austin Birks 5th dan, who came from a chemotherapy session to be there.

We were all very pleased with the high standard shown by all who graded and by those doing a pre-dan grading check in preparation for taking their black belts grading at the next dan gradings.

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  • 20181219_204403
  • 20181219_204408
  • 20181219_204533
  • 20181219_204538
  • 20181219_204647
  • 20181219_204701
  • 20181219_204719
  • 20181219_204814
  • 20181219_204914
  • 20181219_204920
  • 20181219_205031
  • 20181219_205041
  • 20181219_205100
  • 20181219_205158
  • 20181219_205310
  • 20181219_205315
  • 20181219_205331
  • 20181219_205451
  • 20181219_205458
  • 20181219_205518
  • 20181219_205549
  • 20181219_205727
  • 20181219_210034
  • 20181219_210105
  • 20181219_210121

After the gradings it was time for the End Of Year Awards with this years Student of the Year going to Lincoln Boult. He now has his name added to the club shield which he will keep for the year. Shania Hopkins won the award for Best Ateendance and Supportive Student. Ajay Reeves won the award for Most Helpful and Supportive Student

Lincoln Boult and his mum with the Student of the Year Club Shield

Last year’s Student of the Year winner, Elijah Farrell-Reid passed on the club shield to Lincoln Boult receiving his own personal shield to keep in its place.

Elijah Farrell-Reid with Sensei Austin Birks 5th dan receiving his personal shield

“Magic” Mike Paul was presented with his Assistant Instructors license. Mike has been helping out at the club for a while and is also involved with the clubs web site administration and updates. He has worked diligently since starting to achieve his black belt and his calm and patient nature pays dividends when teaching.

Sensei Michael Paul receiving his Assistant Instructors license

In what was an emotional part of the evening Sensei Dorien Cummins gave two momentos which used to belong to our late instructor and BHSKC founder Shihan Cyril Cummins 8th Dan in the form of trophies won by Shihan Cummins to Sensei Austin Birks and Sensei Richard Amuzu for there long service to the club.

Sensei Austin Birks receiving one of the late Shihan Cyril Cummins trophies
Sensei Richard Amuzu receiving one of the late Shihan Cummins trophies
Awards & Presentations

Black Belt Certificate Presentation and Awards Ceremony October 2018

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On the 17th October 2018 the ceremony for the formal award and presentation in recognition of the students Dan grade achievements was held at the Longbridge dojo. The grading was held at the dojo on Wednesday September 13th 2018.

The ceremony was attended by sensei Susan Hession (4th Dan), sensei Dorien Cummins , Carol Richards, Faye Tonkinson (2nd Dan) and Richard Amuzu (4th Dan).

The ceremony is a moment to recognise the progression of the students which included one student Bethany Bird achieving Nidan plus three other students in attendance achieving Shodan.

Students were also awarded special mementos from the late Shihan Cyril Cummins collection to acknowledge their outstanding contributions to the club presented by Sensei Dorien Cummins, a former BHSKC instructor & club secretary and widow of the late Shihan Cyril Cummins 8th Dan. Shihan Cummins was the founder of BHSKC and started the Weoley Castle dojo that became Weoley Castle Shotokan Karate Club and instructor to Sensei Susan Hession the current Chief instructor of both clubs.

The certificates and awards were presented to:

  • Bethany Bird – 2nd Dan (Nidan)
  • Michael Paul – 1st Dan (Shodan)
  • Daniel Ray – 1st Dan (Shodan)
  • Jacob McBride – 1st Dan (Shodan)
  • Daniel Ray – Shihan Cummins Katana Set
  • Michael Paul – Shihan Cummins Wakizashi
  • Faye Tonkinson – Shihan Cummins Competition Statuette
Waiting for the presentations to start …
The awards table with Sensei Dorien Cummins in attendance …
Bethany Bird (the club’s youngest Nidan)

Jacob McBride
Daniel Ray
Michael Paul (With Sensei Dorien Cummins and Sensei Sue Hession)
Remember Don’t break the ceiling tiles!
Dorien Cummins presenting a katana to Daniel Ray which belonged to the late Shihan Cyril Cummins
Dorien Cummins presenting a katana to Mike Paul which belonged to the late Shihan Cyril Cummins
Dorien Cummins presenting a statuette to Faye Tonkinson which belonged to the late Shihan Cyril Cummins