Dojo Rules

  • When entering or leaving the training area, stop and perform a slight bow into the area. Greet the instructors with a bow.
  • Dress in a smart manner and when possible in the Gi or uniform of the martial art which you are practicing.
  • Finger and toe nails should be short and clean. Jewellery should not be worn when training, for your protection and that of your fellow students.
  • When called to order, form a line with the highest grade on the right hand side. When all students are the same grade, then the eldest student will be on the right hand side.
  • When the line is formed and the Instructor is in place and ready, the senior student will call the class to order and all will bow to the instructor who will return the bow.
  • At all times, in the Dojo, the Black belt instructors will be addressed as Sensei (teacher) and assistant instructors as Sempei.
  • NO fighting or sparring will take place except under the direction of the instructor. If you need assistance or help, or to leave the Dojo, kneel where you are until addressed by the instructor.
  • Parents are free to watch the lesson but are requested not to speak to or distract the students during a lesson.
  • When facing a partner for sparring or to apply a technique, bow to each other at the beginning and at the end.