Grading & Holiday Dates

The planned dates for the gradings in 2024 are as follows :-.

  • 16th March 2024  – Beginners to 8th Kyu (White – Red)
  • 23rd March 2024  – 7th Kyu and above (Yellow – Black)
  • 22nd June 2024 – Beginners to 8th Kyu (White – Red)
  • 29th June 2024 – 7th Kyu and above (Yellow – Black)
  • 13th September 2024 – Beginners to 8th Kyu (White – Red) – TBC
  • 20th September2024 – 7th Kyu and above (Yellow – Black) – TBC
  • 7th December 2024 – Beginners to 8th Kyu (White – Red) – TBC
  • 14th December 2023 – 7th Kyu and above (Yellow – Black) – TBC

Unless stated otherwise, gradings start promptly at 1pm and are expected to finish by 4pm. Gradings will take place in the Bournville College.(South & City College Birmingham, Longbridge Campus) Sports Hall, Longbridge, B31 2TW.

Please remember to ask Sensei Hession for permission to grade (at the Kenshin dojo Sensei Amuzu will usually indicate who is grading in class before the grading date, if not please check with him). If you require a new belt, please let Becky Clarke on the table know your name, belt colour and size. Please also make sure that your licence is up-to-date, as without a valid licence, you will not be able to grade. PIf grading please hand your licence book typo Becky Clarke or Sensei Sue (or Sensei Richard or Sensei Mike at Kenshin when Becky isn’t there) at least a week before your grading date. Please remember to bring water bottle, mitts, gumshields and optionally although recommended for gradings that involve more advanced forms of sparring groin or chest protectors.

People wishing to take a Dan grade will upon being given permission to apply to grade have to submit a formal grading request letter. Please ask your instructors for further details about the format of the grading and cost of the grading.

In order to be eligible to grade you are required to meet the following criteria:

  • White Belts – minimum of two months training
  • Orange Belts (9th Kyu) to Black & White Belts (1st Kyu) – train on a minimum of 28 classes since the previous grading.
  • Black Belt (Shodan) – a minimum of six months training from passing the 1st kyu grading
  • Black Belt (Nidan) – a minimum of two years from passing the Shodan grading
  • Black Belt (Sandan) – a minimum of three years from passing the Nidan grading and to be 21 years of age or greater..

Opening and Closing dates for 2024:

The first training session for the year will be  on Monday 8th January 2023 at the Weoley Castle Dojo

Easter Break:

  • Last Session: Wednesday 27th March 2024
  • Closed: Friday 29th March 2024 to Tuesday 2nd April 2024 inclusive
  • Re-open: Wednesday 3rd April 2024

Early May Bank Holiday: Monday 6th May 2023

Spring Bank Holiday: Monday 27th May 2024

Summer Break:

  • Last Session: Saturday 17th August 2024
  • Closed: Monday 19th August 2024 to Saturday 31st August 2024 inclusive.
  • Re-open: Monday 2nd September 2024

Christmas Break: (To Be Confirmed)

  • Last Session: Saturday 14th December 2024 at the Bournville College Dojo
  • Closed: Throughout Christmas and New Year holidays
  • Re-open: Monday 6th January 2025