March 2020 Kyu Gradings

Well done to everyone who took their gradings on Wednesday or Saturday. You all did very well and Sensei Sue, Sensei Richard and all the instructors were very pleased with the effort, standard and commitment shown.


Kyu Gradings September 2019

On Wednesday 18th September 2019 the BWCSK September gradings were held at the Longbridge dojo with Senseis Sue Hession 4th dan, Richard Amuzu 4th dan, Faye Tonkinson 2nd dan in attendance on the panel with a guest appearance by Sensei Austin Birks 5th dan.

Everyone did very well and we were very pleased with the standard on display.  A special mention for our two senior white belts who double graded to red belt.

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Special congratulation to our newest black belts!

Special congratulations to our newest yudansha. This evening as a culmination of years of dedication and hard work Elijah Farrel-Reid, Libby Conway, Natalia Bak and Rouédel Farrel-Reid passed their shodan (1st Dan) black belt grading. They all exhibited a very high standard whilst taking what is always a challenging and grueling examination.

We know how hard you have all worked to achieve this grade and on behalf of everyone at BWCSK and from Sensei Sue and Sensei Richard we would like to say very well done to you all.

We would also like to congratulate everyone who passed their kyu gradings this evening. We were very pleased with the standard on display as a result of all of your persistence, hard work and diligent training. Well done from Sensei Sue, Sensei Richard and all of the BWCSK team.


Well done Shania Hopkins on Well done Shania Hopkins…

Great session tonight at Longbridge Methodist Church, with Shaniah Hopkins earning her 4th kyu due to her exceeding dedication which has saw her more than surpass the requirements for the grade and a merit certificate for attending 32 training sessions in January applying herself dilligently in all

The main topic covered in tonight’s training was elbow strikes (Empi Uchi)
upwards strike (Age Empi), downwards strike (Otoshi Empi), Side strike (Yoko Empi), backwards strike (Ushiro Empi), roundhouse strike (Mawashi Empi). These were practised as a kata and with partner work to practice them from both karate attacks and swing punches and grabs. Amazing where did two hours go .


Lyndsay Daly 2nd Dan Presentation

At the last grading, Lyndsay Daly who has been training at Weoley Castle Shotokan Karate Club for a number of years, passed her 2nd Dan. Here, Sensei Hession is presenting her with her Nakmas grading certificate. Congratulations on this tremendous achievement, Lyndsay!


Lyndsay Daly 2nd Dan


Louis full 2nd kyu grading

Here are some photos of student Louis being presented with his new belt. Louis is the first student who elected to be graded by Sensei Hession at Weoley Castle Shotokan Karate club. Louis received his full 2nd kyu with distinction.

louis 1louis 2




Grading Day

Some photos from grading day, September 19th, 2015.

Click on the photo below to see the entire album.


Grading Day