Special Kata and Kumite Course: Faces from the past…

A special karate course featuring kihon, kata and kumite was held at the BHSKC Bartley Green Dojo on Saturday 25th February 2017 with past and present students of Shihan Cummins gathering together to train with him including Sensei Ronnie Canning, former World Champion, Sensei Slater Williams, 7th Dan and many of his students, Sensei Franklyn Doras, 7th Dan plus many other senior students.

Everyone trained hard in what was an amazing session featuring over three decades of Shihan Cummins students training along side each other spanning the decades for a special day, representing just some of the many karate-ka that Shihan Cummins has taught over the years. On behalf of Shihan Cummins we would like to thank all those who came and made the day so special.

Below are some of the photos taken on the day.

  • 16804273_216652865470182_3336927467463003555_o
  • 16819140_216652968803505_6443923966018246098_o
  • 16836000_216652962136839_5822782273770929339_o
  • 16836029_216653175470151_6832083743448134134_o
  • 16836170_216653355470133_5786737176504693448_o
  • 16836180_216653262136809_4394311561636644008_o
  • 16836206_216652952136840_3364905887724431254_o
  • 16836213_216653238803478_4497648235852498567_o
  • 16836279_216652868803515_3235110630567766681_o
  • 16836310_216653488803453_364877961420941030_o
  • 16903175_216652775470191_2909194776954892294_o
  • 16904648_216635138805288_8500715876063382229_o
  • 16904783_216653335470135_1635957663795857689_o
  • 16905042_216652882136847_3778080567595392305_o
  • 16991569_216653278803474_4163180747737362902_o
  • 16991676_216652772136858_6692797088164580111_o
  • 16991743_216653445470124_8528587460256997627_o
  • 16991776_216653405470128_4064024706893455119_o
  • 16991895_216653052136830_3086192825435087279_o
  • 16992209_216653045470164_8274139336876269261_o
  • 17015902_216653388803463_6536876794613232018_o

Below is a video from that session:

and a few more photos

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  • P1090762
  • P1090760
  • P1090751
  • P1090752
  • P1090753
  • P1090754
  • P1090755
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  • P1090772
  • P1090773
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  • P1090766
  • P1090767
  • P1090768
  • P1090769
  • P1090770
  • P1090771

Blackpool Weekend Karate Course

Friday 3rd May till Sunday 5th May 2013

On the 4th and 5th of May 2013, Sensei Cyril Cummins held an advanced training course in the Palatine Leisure Centre in Blackpool. Both of the 3-hour training sessions were extremely intense and physically challenging. The course covered kihon, kata and bunkai, as well as kumite in great detail.

The basic techniques were geared towards the individual grades, so that each person was given a challenge and pushed to the limit. Kata and bunkai were studied in depth; Sensei Cummins’ extraordinary knowledge and ability to find numerous interpretations for every single kata made this an invaluable experience for any karateka.

The kumite sessions allowed everybody to try new techniques and to enhance their overall ability. Not only did this course focus on practical issues, but Sensei Cummins also provided background knowledge on a large number of theoretical and historical aspects of Shotokan karate. Sensei Cummins will soon be celebrating 50 years of training.

Few people have done what he has done and during this training weekend, he generously gave participants a unique insight into his training journey. The ethos of the course was to push oneself to the limit, which is what we did. This course was a priceless experience for everybody who took part. Make sure you don’t miss the next one!

A selection of photos from the course can be found on our Flickr album here.