A video of Shihan Cummins training session with a…

Another great video courtesy of Eric Mather from the training session on Saturday 25th March 2017 with a nice surprise for Shihan Cummins at the end organised by one of his young student’s in her early teens, Sophie Prosser of Core Karate. Sophie decided on her own to start the application process for Shihan Cummins to be considered for an honour and upon writing to Buckingham Palace to follow up on this received a letter from Her Majesty including a little something for Shihan Cummins.


Shihan Cyril Cummins: Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame…

On Saturday 11th March 2017 Shihan Cyril Cummins 8th dan, BHSKC Chief Instructor and founder was inducted into the Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame. MAI’s Paul Barnett surprised Shihan Cummins during a special kata and kumite class with the award in the presence of some of his current and former students including Sensei Slater Williams 7th dan who created the video below. On behalf of Shihan Cummins we would like to thank everyone who attended and was involved with this special event.

  • P1090815
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A video from the day:


GREAT NEWS: Saturday’s Kata and Kumite Class is back…


This Saturday’s Kata and Kumite class is back on.
We have a different venue for this week as the Bartley Green dojo is closed, Longbridge Methodist Church, Bristol Road South. B45 9TY. Usual time of 11am – 12.30pm.

Time to get back to training with Shihan Cummins now the gradings are over so we would like to see as many of you as possible. Don’t leave those new belts and your gi in the wardrobe come and train this Saturday. Don’t miss out:




A special visitor from Ireland’s Knocklyon Karate Club

On the 28th February the BHSKC Halesowen dojo had a special guest from Ireland; Shihan’s nephew Sensei Derek Kealy, 7th Dan, from Knocklyon Karate Club in Dublin joined us for a great session.

Shihan Cummins and Nephew Sensei Derek Kealy 7th Dan
Sensei Derek Kealy 7th dan of Knocklyon Karate Club, Dublin with his uncle Shihan Cyril Cummins 8th dan at the Halesowen dojo.


Group photo with Shihan Cummin's Nephew
Shihan Cummins, 8th Dan, Sensei Derek Kealy from Knocklyon Karate, 7th Dan, Sensei Barry Gregory, 6th Dan and Sensei Austin Birks, 5th Dan with other dan grade students at the Halesowen dojo.



Special Kata and Kumite Course: Faces from the past…

A special karate course featuring kihon, kata and kumite was held at the BHSKC Bartley Green Dojo on Saturday 25th February 2017 with past and present students of Shihan Cummins gathering together to train with him including Sensei Ronnie Canning, former World Champion, Sensei Slater Williams, 7th Dan and many of his students, Sensei Franklyn Doras, 7th Dan plus many other senior students.

Everyone trained hard in what was an amazing session featuring over three decades of Shihan Cummins students training along side each other spanning the decades for a special day, representing just some of the many karate-ka that Shihan Cummins has taught over the years. On behalf of Shihan Cummins we would like to thank all those who came and made the day so special.

Below are some of the photos taken on the day.

  • 16804273_216652865470182_3336927467463003555_o
  • 16819140_216652968803505_6443923966018246098_o
  • 16836000_216652962136839_5822782273770929339_o
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  • 16836170_216653355470133_5786737176504693448_o
  • 16836180_216653262136809_4394311561636644008_o
  • 16836206_216652952136840_3364905887724431254_o
  • 16836213_216653238803478_4497648235852498567_o
  • 16836279_216652868803515_3235110630567766681_o
  • 16836310_216653488803453_364877961420941030_o
  • 16903175_216652775470191_2909194776954892294_o
  • 16904648_216635138805288_8500715876063382229_o
  • 16904783_216653335470135_1635957663795857689_o
  • 16905042_216652882136847_3778080567595392305_o
  • 16991569_216653278803474_4163180747737362902_o
  • 16991676_216652772136858_6692797088164580111_o
  • 16991743_216653445470124_8528587460256997627_o
  • 16991776_216653405470128_4064024706893455119_o
  • 16991895_216653052136830_3086192825435087279_o
  • 16992209_216653045470164_8274139336876269261_o
  • 17015902_216653388803463_6536876794613232018_o

Below is a video from that session:

and a few more photos

  • P1090757
  • P1090762
  • P1090760
  • P1090751
  • P1090752
  • P1090753
  • P1090754
  • P1090755
  • P1090774
  • P1090772
  • P1090773
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  • P1090767
  • P1090768
  • P1090769
  • P1090770
  • P1090771


Shihan Cummins Course at Core Karate

BHSKC are pleased to announce that Shihan Cyril Cummins 8th dan will be holding a training course hosted by our friends at Core Karate. Sensei Dave Prosser  and his daughter Sophie both 2nd dans from Core Karate will be familiar to many students who train on the Saturday kata course, they are great karate people plus very friendly too and would welcome anyone who wishes to train on the course. The course is open to all members and non-members so if you would like to take this opportunity to train with Shihan Cummins and Core Karate then feel free to attend.  For further details please contact them at Core Karate or via Facebook. The course will be held at Hillcrest School, Netherton on Thursday 1st December 2016 from 5.30pm to 7.30pm.

Core Karate presents a course with Shihan Cyril Cummins 8th dan


Bartley Green Dojo Summer Closure

The Bartley Green Dojo is closing from tomorrow, Wednesday 24th August and will be reopening and back to normal for training from Wednesday 7th September. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience but training sessions are still continuing as usual at all other dojos and clubs unless specifically indicated.


Gradings next week!

The next gradings will be taking place on Saturday 18th June 2016 at Bartley Green Community Leisure Centre. These will start promptly at 11am with a training session for all grades followed by Kyu and Dan gradings. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start in order to register. Please remember to bring your license book, grading fee, gum shield and mitts.

If you need to order any belts or equipment for the grading please contact sensei Sue Hession ASAP.


Why Women Should Learn Karate

Are you a girl or a woman and wondering if taking up karate is the right thing for you? 

The answer is probably “Yes”. Karate has so many benefits; the most obvious one is probably self-defence. Let us hope that you are lucky enough and never find yourself in a situation where you are threatened or being attacked, but the mere fact that you know how to react IF this were to happen is reassuring and gives you an advantage.

The training at Weoley CasKarate for Womentle Shotokan Karate Club teaches you traditional Shotokan karate techniques and also shows you how to apply self-defence techniques in real life situations.

Among the other pros of karate training are a number of health benefits, such as improved fitness, stamina, coordination and posture. Girls as young as 5 years old can benefit from karate training. It gives them great self-confidence and they learn values such as discipline and respect towards others along the way.

And there is no upper age limit: no matter what your fitness levels are like, no matter if you have physical limitations, Sensei Hession will always adapt her teaching style so that it is just right for you and so that you can enjoy it.

And with a friendly lady instructor as well as loads of other girls and women training, you will find yourself amongst like-minded people and make a bunch of friends for life. I speak from experience!

So, if you’re still wondering if karate training is right for you or not, why not come to the dojo for a free trial session or just to have a chat with Sensei Hession?



Training Session 9th May 2016

The photos from yesterday’s training session can be found here (Click on the photo to open the slideshow and see all pictures):


Training session May 2016

And the videos are here:

Weoley Castle Youtube Channel