Shotokan Open 2012


Congratulations to everyone who took part in the tournament today and helped make it an extremely enjoyable and special occasion. We would like to also extend our special thanks to Sensei Cummins and the officials, helpers, leisure centre staff and volunteers who contributed their time and energy to help make it a successful day.  Finally we would like to thank all the competitors and spectators from all the clubs who came and helped create a great atmosphere throughout the day.







The final trophies table :-

1st Birmingham and Halesowen Shotokan Karate Clubs – 12 trophies

2nd Kiryoku – 6 trophies

3rd South Staffs Karate –  5 trophies

4th Lichfield, Preston, Solihull, Warwick, Zenshin – 2 trophies each

5th Lancashire and Tigers – 1 trophy each.


Kumite Events :-

Category Medal Winner(s)
Senior Female Individuals Gold Lyndsey Smylie
Senior Male Individuals Gold Wayne Ricketts
Junior Individuals – Under 10 Silver Jake Ricketts
Team Event Gold Wayne Ricketts, Jason Elliman, Matt Russell


Kata Events :-

 Category Medal Winner(s)
Junior Individual Beginner to 1st Kyu Gold Jake Phipps
Senior Individual Beginner to 1st Kyu Gold Melissa Smylie
Silver Yvonne Skalban
Bronze Sophie Stoll
Senior Black and Brown Individual Gold Matt Russell
Bronze Christie Price
Team Event Gold Christie Price, Holly Wells, Lyndsey Smylie
Special Award for Outstanding Spirit Gold Nathan Meir

Kata Championships 2012



Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Championships. It was a very successful day and enjoyed by all. A huge attendance made for a special atmosphere. Thanks to Sensei Cummins and his refereeing team, all of the table officials and helpers on the day. And of course a big thanks also goes to the parents and spectators.


The results –


7 – 12 yrs  Beginner – 4th Kyu   Alfie Wolestonecroft 3rd Place

18 yrs and over  Beginner – 4th Kyu    Emily Payne 2nd Place

15 yrs and under  Black Belts    Tariq Maluana 1st Place, Riztki Maluana 2nd Place

16 yrs and over  Black Belts    Matt Russell 2nd Place, Patrick Jones 3rd Place

50 yrs and over  Open Grade    Sue Hession 1st Place, Austin Birks 2nd Place


Junior Team Kata    BHSKC ‘C’ 1st Place, BHSKC ‘A’ 3rd Place

Senior Team Kata    BHSKC ‘A’ 1st Place, BHSKC ‘C’ 2nd Place, BHSKC ‘B’ 3rd Place

 Adult/Junior Pairs Kata    R Maluana and S O’Reilly 2nd Place, C Price and C Copestick 3rd Place


BHSKC finished joint 1st in the medals table with 4 Golds, 6 Silvers and 4 Bronzes