Well done Mike at the AKA Open Kata Championship

“Magic” Mike Paul today was our sole competitor in the All Styles Karate Alliance Open Kata Championship and managed to gain a bronze medal.


A great weekend two competitions and 17 medals won…

Another impressive medal haul this weekend when five of our students have won seventeen medals between them at two competitions. Well done to you all an excellent outing by the squad.

Well done a truly outstanding result. Mike, Blake, Natalia, Jack and Jacob entered the KWON Grand Slam Series (KGS) competition with Jacob also entering a Go Kan Ryu (GKR) Regional Qualifier Competition. The tallys were:

  • Jacob McBride – KGS Gold Under 17s Kumite, GKR Gold Kata, GKR Gold Kumite, GKR Silver Team Kumite 14 – 15 yrs 3rd kyu and above.
  • Michael Paul – KGS Silver in Men’s Traditional Weapons, Silver in Veterans Kata
  • Blake Bartlam – KGS Silver Under 17s Weapons
  • Natalia Bak – KGS Silver Under 17s Female Advanced Kata
  • Jacob McBride, Jack Wheeley and Blake Bartlam – KGS Silver Adult Team Kata, KGS Bronze Under 17s Team Kata
  • Jacob McBride and Jack Wheeley – KGS Bronze Pairs Kata
Michael Paul, Blake Bartlam, Natalia Bak, Jack Wheeley and Jacob McBride

Well done Jacob at the Cheshire Cup

We are very proud of this young man, today he won a gold and three silver medals at the Cheshire Cup.

  • Gold Under 17 Kumite
  • Silver Adult Kumite
  • Silver Adult Kata
  • Silver in pairs kata with Harley

Another impressive medal haul at todays competition.

Well done Blake, Mike and Jacob after another impressive medal haul at he KGS championship!


Well done at today’s KWON competition

Another impressive medal haul from our students. With Blakes getting a medal on his first time out competing in weapons.

  • Jacob McBride – 1st kumite, 2nd u17 advanced kata, 3rd senior advanced kata.
  • Blake Bartlam 2nd traditional under 17 weapons.
  • Jacob and Blake 3rd team advanced kata.

Another haul of medals at the KGS Series Competitions

Well done Jacob McBride and Michael Paul for your successes at todays KWON Grand Slam series competition. Also a first for a student from BHSKC / WCSKC “Magic” Mike Paul has won our first medal for a weapons category.

  • Jacob McBride Silver in Adult Kata
  • Michael Paul Bronze in Adult Kata
  • Jacob McBride Bronze in Under 17s Kata
  • Michael Paul Silver in Weapons Kata (with the Bo)


Well done Jacob at the KWON Grand Slam Comptetion

Jacob McBride’s won in an impressive number of categories today at the KGS competition today are as follows :-

  • 1st in under 17 yrs kata
  • 1st in Adults kata
  • 1st in under 17 yrs kumite
  • 2nd in pairs kata (with Harley)

Well Done Team BHSKC / WCSKC at the KGS…

Well done Mike, Jacob and Blake!

  • Jacob McBride Silver Individual Kata
  • Michael Paul Bronze Veterans Kata
  • Blake Bartlam and Jacob McBride gold in Pairs Kata
  • Jacob McBride bronze in Kumite

Congratulations -Team BHSKC / WCSKC at the GB Open…

Sunday 7th January 2018 saw the attendance by 6 students of BHSKC / WCSKC competing at the delayed GB open final for 2017.  A successful day with the team heading home with a seven medal tally. Special mention must go to Jack who on his first outing successful achieved a gold medal.


Weoley Castle SKC at GB Open Kata Championship April…


Last Sunday, Sensei Hession’s students from Weoley Castle SKC took part in the GB Open Kata Championship hosted by Tom Davies at Cheslyn Hay Leisure Centre. It was a great success, with students winning loads of medals.

Congratulations to everyone and many thanks to everyone who helped make this day a success! 

Click on the photo below to see more pictures from the day!

GB Open Kata Championship April 2016



Here is the full list of winners:

Category 10, 10-12 yrs Shotokan, 3rd Kyu and above:

Bethany Bird 3rd place bronze

Category 14, 13-15 yrs, all styles, 6th -4th kyu:

Blake Bartlam, 3rd place bronze

Category 18,16yrs + female Shotokan 3rd kyu and above:

Lyndsay Daly 1st  gold

Melissa Daly 3rd bronze

Category 26, veterans, all styles, 3rd Kyu and above:

Len Jones: 3rd place bronze

Category 30, under 13 yrs, pairs, all styles:

Bethany Bird / Louis Jones: 3rd place bronze

Category 31, under 16 yrs, pairs, all styles, beginner to 6th Kyu:

Blake Bartlam /Arron Metham: 2nd place silver

Category 33, 16yrs +, pairs, all styles, open grade:

Lyndsay Daly/Melissa Daly: 3rd place bronze

Category 35, junior team, all styles, open grade:

Bethany/Louis /Zac: 2nd place silver


WCSKC Students at GB Kata Open 2016